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How to repair how to add a music bot to discord While display Sharing on Discord (Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, etc)!</h1>
Hello what is going on ladies and gentlemen. it is your boy code in fact aka precise. and at present we'll be speaking. approximately. discord if you're going to be watching. netflix youtube. hulu uh amazon top etc uh you are. attempting to stream a video to. your mates or on on discord and suggests. up as a black screen. whenever the button is uh performed correct. so right here you notice it is a black. display screen. and uh for you it is first-class but for the. viewers it isn't fine. so let's go ahead and attach this. if you're utilizing google chrome firefox. courageous microsoft. the new version of microsoft's side. anything that falls lower than the chromanium. umbrella. this would observe uh for you in addition so. it's not just simply chrome bound but. it applies to different uh cyber web browsers as. well. okay so let me drag this down real fast. i must go to my discord settings ok.

So discord patreon bot . uh you must visit voice and video and. you are going to scroll down. and you want to disable uh open. h.264 video codec awarded through cisco. techniques make sure that's disabled and. i am going to cross forward and disable this in addition. scroll down a little more and you. want to make sure that. it really is enabled use our latest. technology to capture your display screen. if it would not want to reveal. your video then move ahead and disable. that but you recognize. with the aid of default it is enabled but when it. doesn't paintings then disable it. subsequent component you want to do is pass to your. um cross in your uh web browser. and cross on your settings and it's easier. in case you hit control f on your keyboard. so it brings up this seek function and. you sort during this keyword. hardware acceleration then it'll show up. right here. and you need to disable that so let's cross.
Ahead and disable. and discord food bot going to relaunch it now it will. have the ability to. exhibit on our um on our discord. so let's cross forward and close out of this. i'm gonna i'm gonna go forward and pause. that. i if you furthermore mght notice on obs it disabled. that aas well. so now you can view it on obs. if you probably did uh in case you disable that so. let's cross ahead and cross towards our share . your screen. then we'll search for our google. chrome. and now people may be able to see it so. if i hit the play button only for one. break up moment. ok as you will find. it has performed the video i'm hoping that this. video. um is informative i hope that this video. helps you out in case you ever have any. discord difficulties. um make sure you like share remark. subscribe and iif you ever have any. issues come via on the discord or. reddit simply. my social media platform hyperlinks are down.

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