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I Made a online game using Discord's Bot API

We constructed a multiplayer discord online game that. shall we a whole discord server. put up and battle their widespread memes. and presents till one gif. emerges effective we name it gif wars. and iit is fun as hell i'm going to show. you the way i built it. and then we will let our presents do. battle the 1st one is way greater than. the second one. became that because you submitted that one. i do not know what you are speaking approximately. this one's hilarious. now if you don't know discord has an api. that allows you to construct bots that take in. terminal commands. and output anything and folks have. built some dumb with it. you type poop to this bot good you get. poop yet like. why this bot immediately kicks one unfortunate. user from the server. in case you send it the command roulette. this one allows you to thonkify your textual content. that is so achieved. all people okay that one's exceptionally funny.
but when you try and find a well memebot. there is really not anything accessible so. let's fix that yet first i must. explain why i am gonna be constructing a. memebot. i'm building a survival meets automation. online game referred to as atrio. it's aavailable to desire us now on steam. that creates some incredibly fulfilling. looping gifs and we needed our discord. neighborhood to compete to create their very own. now my proposal takes a large number of technical. expertise with python and backhand. server and. good i have no of that shout out. to kevin and taylor for assisting me build. this so this is how it works and by way of the. manner i'm gonna illustrate it utilizing my artwork. for my online game atrio which is offered to. want thiis now on steam ok here we pass. i because the moderator decide on a theme. something healthful like 20 20 in a. nutshell. excellent now i provide it an outline and.
Set how routinely all people can. post. once I begin the bot messages my. giftforce channel that the submissions. are open. pleasant to publish you dm the bot publish. with a link to your favorite gif. here is my submission oh my god. my bot then shops that gif in a. backend server with everybody else's. submissions. for the subsequent seventy two hours my discord submits. their presents. now in my discord is a video outlining. the guidelines so my community is all at the. identical web page. and while i was making this video i. ended up studying that i have a. quite uh epic announcer voice. determine this out. good present wars oh yeah. this isn't in fact stephen my name's. ken marciglia. and i'm a pro voice over artist. steven employed from fiverr. you will discover me there as voiced through can. yeah ok i hired somebody. yet my version is really variety of close.
verify this out. go pass get fours see. it's not bad it's particularly bad impolite besides. once I near the submissions i. adequately assessment. every gift to make sure there's nothing. beside the point. looks well now that i've carefully. reviewed the gifts. every person can dm the bot minimize giffor's. vote and they will receive random. presents. from the collective pool to select. among we call this a battle. because you recognize give wars. anyway let's vote welcome to the present. wars voting strategy. so here is what we'll be doing. we will be staring at presents and. if you notice one that's humorous. you are gonna laugh because they're. hilarious. but also due to the fact i spend plenty of time. working on them and ii'll be very unhappy if. you didn't okay. you guys ready yes ok here is the first. one. def

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