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Discord CONTROLS My life In Minecraft...</h1>
Minecraft but discord controls my online game. that is right i have my own discord. server with about 200 000 of you men. make sure you join in case you haven't. it's exciting i have allowed all of my discord. individuals to vote for a definite kind of. situation that i should do in. minecraft do not forget i'm liberating my. own video game jelly's project on thanksgiving. november twenty fifth at 1pm japanese merely. playable at write the date down should i get wooden or. kill a pig oh no. 578 of you men have voted to get wood. that is more than you recognize kill pig so i. bet we are setting out with getting. wooden wow now it didn't correctly specify. on how a lot wooden so i assume that from. now on within the video i can get wooden at. any time in this video and no piggies. will die no 1st Baron Verulam for me at present earlier than i. visit the second one quest have you loved.
This video yet you possibly should. because if you like the video i'm gonna. turn this into planks 3 one fly. whoa. thanks a lot for the planks you. allowed me to do this quantity ought to. i make equipment or. make a bed these are nonetheless starting off. easy but when i die this video ends so i'm. comfortable they're rather simple for now 553. persons have voted for make tools and 144. people have voted for make events which. means i am getting to make tools you men are. too type i go with a purpose to beat. the sport like thiis this goes to be. good okay and we will simply retain some . sticks you recognize query variety three. ought to i build a home or flow right into a. village i don't have a mattress so i'm hoping. that the visitors voted for the village. despite the fact i mentioned don't have a respawn. factor wait a minute that does not topic. because if i die this video ends ah 555.

People voted for build dwelling when compared with. 169 four million. i'm constructing a house with six blocks oh. wait no i'm allowed to get wooden. throughout this whole video it truly is. going good this goes good i like. thiis still they don't seem to be very harmful. but that'll come i suppose o.k. that. took a while i have 20 logs why did not. i just use my wood axe. alright let's move discover ourselves an exceedingly. comfortable region to make ourselves a home okay. wait what's that. water taking place a random hiill ok okay. you know what for the sake of this video. we'll build a house up right here. this right here is a perfect vicinity for a. domestic yeah. what do you say huh what a great place all. correct let's construct ourselves that dwelling. okay here we pass whoa it's starting to. seem like a great dwelling everyone i don't. have glass yet to make myself a few pleasant.

discord welcomer bot am i able to get glass or is that. dishonest technically i can if my activity is. to make a home correct right good good. thanks obviously i will obviously make a. door there we cross that is the door. ok and i am unsure if i've got enough. wooden to make a ceiling already yet we are. doing it anyways that's our residence to this point. anyway would you inspect this entrance. incidentally i further a cool staircase that. is going all the way up from this little. waterfall issue and yeah now that we've. received ourselves a pretty little home. it is time for an additional project should i go. and find iron or kill an iron golem the. discard electorate have determined 109 persons. said uncover iron and 622. mentioned kill an iron golem ok good. because i'm allowed to make tools yet. merely wood equipment because i'm not. allowed to get any stone but i will get a. wooden sword i do not know

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