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OG Discord Q&amp;A with N0tail, Topson and JMR Luna | put up TI10 shuffle</h1>
Ok so the 1st question is from will. who's uh one among our gardeners he's. asking uh. johan what your shampoo manufacturer of selections. i have been purchasing at rituals for a. whilst. and they have some notably good stuff and. then i simply prefer up some random coconut. conditioner at aldi from time to time. offbrand type deal yet yeah rituals. have some great things. marvelous. um one more question uh for your self. johan is um why yellow wallpaper. and no no more paint on the home was it. already like that or when you moved. there was it um like did you decide to. paint do you mention yellow. ah for me it is just like the warm hot. climate kind colour. it makes it extra shiny makes it consider. extra summery. that is. why i moved right here and that is what i used to be. searching for so. just you know shaping my uh. shaping my certainty to. to vibe more durable by using vibe extra.
And. we obtained one from pupi um. we have. so this primary one is directed in the direction of uh. johan um. she's requested um we are having a completely. new roster this time for ochii was this. the decision from the beginning or did. you initially want to construct the group. round saxa and some mail but that. did not take place in the end. after ti was extra of a fluid resolution i. suppose we had. maybe in the back of our heads we had. ideas of what it may look like what. the longer term would look like um but. nothing turned into really decided on until. after ti we started identifying which. way we want to go and it become. with misha's motivation and with with. our belief in him it changed into very clean how. we want to begin matters after which it just. went from there. ok yeah i believe a little extra. about that i feel that when ti it become. very clean i feel we've been installing.

each of the pr. things you recognize where after ti we all. sit down everyone reported the way it failed. and what they wanted to do. and with the three participants leaving. it grew to be clear that. we were going to need to rebuild. and then the immediate communication was. good if we have been to rebuild who desires to. remain right here you know and who wants a. distinctive form of course. by way of then we didn't recognize which way we have been. going to rebuild. during that conversation. but its floor is that sumail genuinely. desired to go to secret. it was something that he changed into very. smitten by and he shared it with. us. after which with that data we requested. martin martin what might you do and good. if i am the sole player in the roster you. recognize i don't know what i will do. so i think we took a little bit of time. after which we. regarded into the the options and during.

That still the conversation is whilst misha. stood up i am gonna do this i i believe i'm. ready. i want to get everybody's faith and. the following day we. spoke about it. and we failed that misha changed into the correct. person to orchestrate the future of fuji. and yeah after which that was the first to. start. so. do you guys uh see a little bit of. yourselves in the new players you have. chosen for the roster or become this uh. like in accordance with having you recognize new. players new play style that kind of. element um or was it variety of have been you. looking to build like. the new og. everytime you build any roster. you gotta you gotta work along with your. strengths now not your weaknesses that'll cross. for any. blend of players and likewise for. individuals an identical notion applies so. it'd be. not a fruitful. undertaking to. attempt to rebuild oneto-one rebuild the. very same but

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